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In El Chilero Grill Mexican Restaurant you will enjoy the taste of real Tex-Mex food with our delicious tacos and mole. We are located on 297 W Round Grove Rd.

Our traditional recipes transcend generations of our family. We pride ourselves on serving our customers like no other Mexican restaurant in Texas. At El Chilero Grill Mexican Restaurant, we want you to enjoy a unique experience. Come visit us; we are here to serve you.

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Our chicken/ beef fajitas are full of authentic Mexican flavor. Served with refried beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole, and homemade tortillas, will fill your mouth with incomparable flavors.

Come to El Chilero Grill Mexican Restaurant; you can be assured we will create an exceptional dining experience that will make you come back. Our cook will prepare you the most exquisite Mexican dishes you’ve ever tried.

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At El Chilero Grill Mexican Restaurant, we capture the real taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Our dishes are full of tradition, but most importantly, you will feel the true spirit of Mexico. Come visit us and experience our flavorful menu.

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Traditional Mexican Recipes

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